EVENT Wizards.


We work where strategy and creativity join forces. Our team spins event magic from business strategy. Because at the heart of everything we do is the creation of meaningful connection between brands and people to achieve business goals.


that influences behaviour

Successful events are designed to influence audience behaviour to specific outcomes. Before anything else, we take time to understand. We understand your commercial mandate and desired business outcomes. We learn your value proposition and the way you hope an event could unlock it for an audience.

Leveraging three decades of event success and many hard won lessons, we use our experience to offer event strategy. We also do our homework, diving deeper into audience, brand and market through research. Multi-Media advisory empowers clients with the ‘if, when and how’ of staging an event.

Brand Research
Audience Research
Event Strategy
Event Conceptualisation


that creates connection

We know that event content is far more than just visuals. It's an experience, a narrative, a connection. And it also happens to be our area of genius. We create event content that tells a story, captivates your audience and influences behaviour.

More than that, we also capture events, making sure that the right audiences are reached well beyond the people in the front row. Production and broadcast are our thing, making Multi-Media a 360 degree event partner you can really trust.

Specialised Event Content
Event Capturing
3D Design
Production & Broadcast


that inspires wonder

Great ideas demand great execution. Coupling left brain precision with right brain creativity, Multi-Media events connect with audiences in impactful ways. Our heart lies in intentional eventing and audience wellbeing; our expertise lies in deep technical know-how and experience.

From event concepts that wow, to staging that transports. From sound that gives goosebumps, to lighting that transforms. We know that the real magic lies where technical brilliance and creativity meet.

Technical Design
AV | Sound | Lighting
Staging & Structures
Set Design & Fabrication